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what did I tell you two?
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It started as a murmur throughout the pack. Remus still wasn't entirely trusted by the werewolves he was attempting to assimilate with but the news was too big to be contained. When he overheard it, Remus knew he had to verify it. He laid low for several hours, not wanting to arouse suspicion in case it was some sort of trap. As soon as he could reasonably get away and back to headquarters, he did.

It was an old house, tucked away in the woods. It had probably belonged to some British aristocrat at some moment in history, but it had obviously been neglected, probably too much of a tax burden. The interior had been magically restored, while the exterior retained the look of complete abandonment in addition to the many complicated charms and spells protecting it.

Remus let himself in the secret entrance. It had been many months since he'd been back from his deep cover assignment, and he searched the rooms for Dumbledore without luck. He wondered if it had all been some ruse to expose him to the rest of the pack, but then he spotted Regulus, walking unsteadily towards his room.

"Hello. Um... I heard... an insane rumour earlier. I came as quickly as I could," he said, approaching him. His relationship with Sirius' brother was still tentative, particularly in light of his unfortunate estrangement from Sirius himself. "Have you heard anything about..."
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Remus still wasn't sure to make of their conversation the next day when he met Sirius for coffee. They had to keep a somewhat low profile because of all of the Order activities, so rather than Diagon, they met at a muggle coffee shop. Apparently, Sirius and James had become quite familiar with certain parts of muggle London in their efforts to 'catch bad guys' in their daily 'feats of daring'. Remus was fine with that. He quite liked muggles, and a lot of muggle culture. And it didn't hurt that the shop was across the street from quite a large park that was perfect for a game of frisbee.

He waited just outside the door, not wanting to get in the queue before Sirius showed up. He had been, on occasion, less than punctual. The real question on Remus' mind, however, was this an actual 'date' or just a date. He supposed that remained to be seen, but he suspected the latter.


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